Be careful!

I am just going to start this off by going straight to the topic. MUSIC. EFFECTS. EVERYTHING. Every day I listen to motivational rap by a rapper y’all probably never heard. Last night though, I listened to Cardi B and after I listened to her for a solid half hour I started doing things I long since regret. I was back in the position I was in March of 2018. About to end my life and my role models trying to snap me out of it. I think as a teenager I am desperate for attention. Wanting to be validated, noticed, and appreciated. But for real, you need to work on you. Stop worrying about others think and be who you really are. I am not suicidal, I am simply done with hurting. But there are ways to get better. Seek help! No matter what age you are. Always strive to be a better version of you. Prove your haters wrong! They are jealous of you. Because you are special, you are unique, and you were made piece by piece by the Lord. They don’t realize they are, too. Forgive and forget. For anyone that has hurt you, drop it. Right now! Seriously. Don’t you think it’s kind of sad a 16 year old is telling you what to do? Get back on the grind! Do what you were born to do! YOU WERE PUT ON THIS EARTH FOR A REASON! PEACE

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